FAQs Startup Marketing Strategy and Plan


These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of how BBSA Startup Marketing Strategy and Plans work. If you need more information, please contact us.

Q1 – What happens once I buy a Marketing Strategy and Plan?

Once you’ve bought a Startup Marketing Plan on the BBSA website, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your business, your ambitions, and your needs as part of the first Consultation.
We will then carry out an in-depth market research to understand how your company strengths and weaknesses stack up in your market and against your competition. After the market research is completed and building upon the results, we will draft the marketing strategy for your business. We will then schedule a meeting over the phone with you so that we can discuss our findings and strategy and how we can help you prepare for your business success. We will then finalize the marketing strategy, plan, and 12-month action plan and send your 30-page document by email. To make sure everything is clear and you have the best possible plan of action, we’ll then arrange a call to discuss the marketing plan and how you can take this forward. See image below:

BBSA Project Startup marketing plan and strategy

 Q2  – Can you help me describing my requirements?

No need to worry. Our Brief process is designed to make it simple to focus on just what you want. You will have the opportunity to give a short outline of your requirements, which we will use to develop your marketing strategy and plan with you. Working to your specification and listening to your requirements means you get what you want (and not something else!).

Q3 – How long does it take to get a custom plan?

BBSA will complete the marketing strategy and plan in 30 days from the date of the Consultation, phase 1 (see image above). Given the extensive market research required to analyze the market to write the marketing strategy and plan, delays might occur.

Q4 – How do installment payments work?

The Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) offers the client the option to spread payments of bills over three monthly instalments. The first instalment is due at the moment of the sign-up, and the other ones are made on a monthly basis.

4.1 Eligibility and Terms:
The Instalment Payment Plans (IPP) is available to all clients. Instalment payments are scheduled on an individual basis after 30 days each. The standard payment due dates are unchanged for clients enrolled in the IPP.

4.2 Changing or Cancelling the Instalment Payment Plan:
Once enrolled in the IPP, if a client decides not to make the scheduled installment payments, he/she can simply ignore the payment schedule and make a lump sum payment on the due date; cancellation of the plan is necessary as installment payments are enforced.

4.3 Making Instalment Payments:
Instalment payments will be selected by the client at the moment of the sign-up. During the sign-up phase, the authorized payers will see two payment options — Payment in one solution Bill and Instalment Payment. To make a payment under the IPP, choose the Instalment Payment option and follow the prompts.

Typically, payers will make a payment upon sign up and paying the remain amounts as described every 30 days. However, payers can make as many Instalment Payments as desired until the payments are applied to the bill.

Installment Payment Plans are Accepted as Follows:

BBSA Table Payments


Q4 – How do we ensure our company information is treated as confidential?

All proprietary information submitted to BBSA Associates Marketing is treated as confidential at every stage of the process. We know how important confidentiality is to our clients so we will never sell your data to third-party providers. We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement is required.

Q5 – What is the marketing plan format?

All reports come in a PDF. Additional formats might also be included.

Q6 – Can I just purchase a specific section?

Each BBSA marketing strategy and plan is unique and features an exclusive blend of market research with trustworthy marketing best practice. The marketing plan is designed to give you a full overview of the industry you are in and the best go-to-market route.

Q7 – I am working on some projects, can I buy other marketing services?

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number, scope or type of Project you can run at any one time; although we always recommend starting with a review of your marketing activities. BBSA Associates have the capacity and expertise to handle simultaneous Projects for our clients without any dilution of quality.

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We do our best to monitor and update the FAQs for BBSA Startup Marketing Strategy and Plan. If you have any further questions or need support, please contact us by email or phone.