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Startup Marketing Strategy and Plan

The BBSA Marketing Strategy and Plan is a comprehensive, fully tailored report that outlines your unique marketing efforts for the coming year. It’s the best tool you have to achieve growth, win new clients and sell, and producing it is a skill: our experts have years of experience in writing plans that work. Don’t risk trusting your plan to chance: leave it to the experts.

What is inside
The startup marketing plan is your completely unique 12-month action plan for marketing success. Our experienced team of marketing and business experts, managed by award-winning leaders, have all the knowledge you’d need to deliver a high-quality marketing plan -- without you having to put in your own valuable time.
We’ll also offer unlimited email support for 30 days after the submission of the plan.
The Marketing Strategy and Plan includes expert competitor and market research, a summary and explanation of the best practices that will help you grow, and professionally presented analysis and data that will impress during funding rounds.

Each Marketing Plan and Strategy is unique and tailored to the industry, business model and sales targets of each company. The sections of the plan include:
>> Market Research and Analysis
>> Competitor Analysis
>> Company Targets
>> Marketing Strategy
>> Marketing Plan
>> 12-Month Action Plan.

Professionally designed, it’s perfect for use in funding and investment meetings.
No. of pages: 90 circa.


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Table of Contents

Each marketing strategy and plan is unique and tailored to the industry and needs of the startup.

Here is the list of the main sections that you will find in the marketing strategy and plan. See a sample marketing strategy and plan.

  • Index
  • Executive Summary
  • Objectives
  • Market Research
  • Competition
  • Marketing and Sales Activities
  • 12-Month Marketing Action Plan

View a sample marketing strategy and plan.


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Read more about BBSA Marketing Plans: see what’s included and download a sample marketing plan.


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BBSA’s expertly researched and written plans are perfect for investors and funding rounds. Professionally produced, your plan will become indispensable.

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BBSA Customization CustomisationEverything BBSA produces is completely tailored to the client. We work on the ground, spending 30 days gathering unique and valuable information.

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Get award-winning marketing experts working for you. Collaborate with confidential, experienced marketers who know how to grow in your market.

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55% of startups fail because they don’t have a marketing plan. BBSA will fail-proof your startup: and help you sell, grow, and win new clients.

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Our marketing plans are modern, flexible and responsive. Access them on mobile, tablet, and desktop. They’re also made ready to print.

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Getting Started

Once you’ve bought the marketing plan, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your business, your ambitions, and your needs.


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Success Planning

Our experts will identify your strengths and weaknesses and how they stack up in your market and against your competition.


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A Clear Path

Based on our research we’ll create the marketing strategy. Using best practice for your industry, we’ll tailor everything to you.


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Finishing Touches

Before finalizing your plan we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss our findings and strategy, and help you prepare for your business success.


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We will deliver your Marketing Plan within 30 days of the initial brief by email. Then we’ll follow up to discuss our recommendations.


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To make sure everything’s clear and you have the best possible plan of action, we’ll arrange a call to discuss the marketing plan.