Startup Marketing Strategy and Plan

You’ve got a great idea -- but that isn’t enough. BBSA’s Marketing Strategy and Plan will help you start selling fast, win new clients, and grow your business. Get your expertly researched, fully tailored plan in just 30 days.

A plan for every market

Whether you’re a tech startup, a new restaurant, a developing events company or a new retailer, BBSA has the plan for you -- and the experts to make it work. Every marketing plan is unique, tailored to the needs and market of a specific business.

Get Your Unique Startup Marketing Plan

Our marketing experts team will create the right plan and strategy for your business.

What’s in the plan?

Your Startup Marketing Strategy and Plan will be 30 pages long and includes: a marketing strategy developed by experienced marketing professionals; a 12-month marketing action plan; and high-quality market research. Professionally designed, it’s perfect for use in funding and investment meetings.

BBSA marketing plan and strategy report

Why choose BBSA?

BBSA investment

Win investors

BBSA’s expertly researched and written plans are perfect for investors and funding rounds. Professionally produced, your plan will become indispensable.

BBSA Customization


Everything BBSA produces is completely tailored to the client. We work on the ground, spending 30 days gathering unique and valuable information.

BBSA Trust


Get award-winning marketing experts working for you. Collaborate with confidential, experienced marketers who know how to grow in your market.

BBSA Sell more

Sell more

55% of startups fail because they don’t have a marketing plan. BBSA will fail-proof your startup: and help you sell, grow, and win new clients.

Benefits of a Marketing Plan:

However good your idea, the reality of business is this: 75% of companies fail in the first three years, and 46% of them fail because they don’t have a marketing plan. BBSA has developed a startup success kit, comprising a full and completely tailored marketing plan, to help fail-proof your startup — so that you can start growing your business now.
Win new clients. Take your business in the right direction. Get your blueprint for success.

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Win Clients and Increase Your Growth Potential

Even successful companies struggle when they don’t have a strategy to reach new customers and markets. Our marketing plan will provide momentum and a route to growth, giving you the tools to succeed quickly, profitably and sustainably. Your BBSA marketing plan will be your route to success and your insurance against failure.

Take Your Startup in The Right Strategic Direction

With your 30-page marketing strategy and plan in hand, you’ll avoid wasting valuable time and lots of money: because we’ve put in the groundwork upfront. Using the information gathered in the plan, you’ll avoid the decision paralysis and constant strategic changes that occur when companies aren’t working towards a professional, considered plan.

A Persuasive Document During Funding Rounds

Are you looking for investors or to raise funds? A marketing plan is a mandatory element of every business plan. Funders will assess your marketing plan to determine the viability of your business. A weak plan will not inspire confidence in your ability to meet your business goals — nor to grow — and you won’t get the funding you need.

Get a Blueprint for Your Success

Your marketing plan serves as a guide for the growth of your business and as a roadmap for making the right marketing decisions now and in the future. As well as giving confidence to investors, your plan will direct you as your business develops and help you through challenging times. As such, a solid and well-written marketing plan will be a cornerstone of your business.

The First Step to Build Your Brand

Through our expert research, you’ll quickly find out the best ways to market your idea as a brand and, even more importantly, how to differentiate it from your competitors. Not only will our research and plan help you avoid failure, then: it’ll also aid you in developing new concepts and future strategies as you carve out previously unexplored space in your market.

Access to Best Practices

Through the marketing plan, you’ll gain insight into the best marketing practices for your products and services. With limited resources on your end, BBSA Marketing’s startup marketing strategy and plan will save you effort and money. Stop losing out through random trial and error marketing activities, our experienced marketing professionals will point you in the right direction.

Get Your Unique Startup Marketing Plan

Our marketing experts team will create the right plan and strategy for your business.

What Our Clients Says

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I had a great idea but had no idea how to market it. BBSA’s marketing plan focused us. It gave us an end point to aim for and the 12-month plan to put effort into it. We’re selling. We’re ready.

Paula Nirschl October 9, 2017

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