Push Your Startup To The Next Level

You have a great idea. You’re doing everything to make it work. And you have the right people. Now you need a real plan to start selling, grow and win new clients.

Our Startup Success Plan

However good your idea, the reality of business is this: 75% of t up companies fail in the first three years, and 46% fail at the start-up phase because they don’t have a marketing plan.

BBSA Marketing has developed a start up success kit, comprising a full and completely tailored marketing plan, to help fail-proof your start up and make your idea a genuine triumph.

BBSA Marketing’s plan focuses on achieving specific goals and results that are both realistic and measurable — so that you can start growing now.

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What’s in the plan?

For just £490, which you can pay across three instalments, you’ll get a 100% customized, 30-page marketing plan written by the marketing industry’s top experts. The plan consists of:

A marketing strategy developed by experienced marketing professionals that sell
A 12-month marketing action plan, to drive growth and engagement for your start-up
High-quality market research
Your competitor analysis

You’ll have the full, 30-page marketing plan within one month.

Get in touch today and you’ll be ready to take the plan to funding meetings in just 30 days.

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Why do I need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is easily overlooked: but the evidence shows that, without one, you’re likely to fail. Though you likely have an idea of how to get your products out into the world, your marketing plan will help you define how to get your first client — and your second, your third, and more.

With a carefully researched, well-developed and concisely written marketing plan, you’ll get the clarity you need to grow your business. You’ll also get all of the following.

A blueprint for success

Your marketing plan serves as a guide for the growth of your business and as a roadmap for making the right marketing decisions now and in the future.

A persuasive document during funding rounds

Are you looking for investors or to raise funds?

A marketing plan is a mandatory element of every business plan, a funder will assess your marketing plan to determine the viability of your business.

A weak plan will not inspire confidence in your ability to meet your business goals: and you won’t get the funding you need.

The first step toward successful branding

Through our expert research, you’ll quickly find out the best ways to market your idea as a brand and how to differentiate it from your competitors.

Take your start-up in the right strategic direction

With your 30-page marketing plan in hand, you’ll avoid wasting valuable time and lots of money: because we’ve put in the groundwork upfront.

Using the information gathered in the plan, you’ll avoid the decision paralysis and constant strategic changes that occur when companies aren’t working towards a professional, considered plan.

Access to successful best practices

Through the marketing plan, you’ll gain insight into the best marketing practices for your products and services. With limited resource on your end, BBSA Marketing’s startup marketing strategy and plan will save you effort and money.

Stop losing out through trial and error marketing activities, our experienced marketing professionals will point you in the right direction.

Increase your growth potential and reach

Even successful companies struggle when they don’t have a strategy to reach new customers and markets. Our marketing plan will provide momentum and a route to growth.

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Why choose BBSA?

Our experienced, team of marketing and business experts, managed by award-winning leaders, have all the knowledge you’d need to deliver a high-quality marketing plan.

Every marketing plan is completely tailored to you: and BBSA Marketing is always available to discuss the status of the project.

We’ll also offer unlimited email support for 30 days after the submission of the plan, and the entire package costs just £490. That’s the best value, of the highest quality, that you’ll find in the whole UK market.
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