Brand Awareness

Need help with your brand?

Companies sell products but they market brands. A brand is a name, a symbol, a mark that is associated with a product or services and to which buyers attach psychological meanings. The number and combination of associations that can be attached to any product or service in order to create a brand is infinite and those associations can be remarkably valuable to buyers. The value brands deliver to buyers has evolved over time, as consumers and competition have changed and nowadays the power of brands translate directly into profit for those who own them. Understanding your personality and injecting it into all communications is the essence of branding. At BBSA Marketing we will emphasize what makes your offer special, understand what matters most to your clients and users and produce a proposition and visual style that brings your offer to life both online and offline.

Key elements covered in our brand awareness projects:

  • Your Brand’s market position and you competitors’ positioning strategies and resource bases
  • Identify internal and external ambassadors and create engaging ad-hoc brand awareness campaigns
  • Brand Awareness Strategy and Brand Awareness Action Plan.

BBSA Associates award-winning Marketing Experts will increase your brand awareness in order to improve communication with your clients, audience, the media and key stakeholders and will ultimately generate more sales.