7 Reasons why you should outsource your marketing

1. Real marketing can help you reach your goals

Marketing is no longer an expensive luxury; it’s a necessary and essential element of your business. In this very competitive environment, companies that don’t understand their market or identify and target its most profitable segments, whilst establishing their reputation, are very likely to suffer in the long term. At BBSA,  we are committed to maximising your bottom line through increasing sales and boosting your brand to ensure long-term growth. Small, medium-sized and start-up companies often have minimal, reduced or shared resources available to them for marketing.

In our extremely competitive corporate environment this can be detrimental in the long-term as key strategic, qualified personnel and updated marketing skills are often missing in this scenario. Outsourced marketing offers companies with reduced or strained resources a combination of various marketing experts at different levels, such as marketing directors, marketing managers and marketing assistants: achieving the right mix to ensure the overall marketing success of the business.

2. Clear focus on maximising performance and using the relevant marketing tactics for your business

The scope of marketing is increasingly expanding and it’s paramount to have a team of experts to perform well in each of the integrated marketing disciplines. Outsourcing enables companies to leverage deep and broad marketing knowledge immediately, eliminating the learning curve, thus reducing mistakes and failures in the marketing process. Outsourced Marketing is a proactive measure to bring fresh new business concepts, perspectives and marketing ideas to your organisation, counteracting typical stagnation which can occur when employees have been closely involved in a business over a long period of time. In short, Outsourced Marketing offers a new set of experienced and qualified eyes.

3. The right marketing techniques for your business 

Recent years have witnessed a boom in new marketing techniques and tools. While this has produced new and exciting media possibilities to market businesses and concepts it has also made marketing more expensive and dispersive at the same time. This has increased relevance to companies with tight budgets and strained resources – typically small, medium-sized and start-up companies – where optimisation of resources is key in avoiding dispersion and if the company wants to achieve their goal of survival or growth. Outsourcing your marketing function to a team of marketing experts with diverse and proven experience will save you time and capital. Experienced and knowledgeable operatives with an in-depth understanding of what works in your industry, will be well placed to deliver the best results dependent on your given objectives.

This can save companies tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds and man-hours by avoiding ill-advised and poorly thought out marketing initiatives that won’t deliver results.

4. We focus on increasing your sales leaving you with the time to run your business 

It is not just the number of marketing tools available that have increased over recent years; it’s also buyer behaviour that has seen changes in trends and patterns, this behaviour continues to develop year by year. Staying current with the latest marketing trends is a necessity in order to produce improved results but is more often than not very difficult and incredibly expensive for small, medium-sized and start-up companies to achieve.

By outsourcing to BBSA, you are not just ensuring that you are working with award-winning, qualified marketing experts: you are also allowing yourself to focus on running your business and concentrating on your core activities, leaving the rest to experts with the knowledge to take your company to the next level.

5. Achieving consistency of marketing execution 

We all know that even the best plan may not work without the correct implementation. Given their size, small, medium-sized and start-up companies can experience either a high turnover or stagnation in their marketing personnel.

This can lead to gaps in the execution of strategy or lack of marketing knowledge, affecting the ability to reach goals and, ultimately a reduced bottom line. By outsourcing you resolve both of these problems:

  • Your Outsourced Marketing team is made up of a combination of marketing experts with different levels of expertise (marketing directors, marketing managers and marketing assistants). This guarantees you always to have the person with the right skills working on the project, resulting in no flaws in either the marketing strategy or marketing execution
  • Our qualified experts are always kept posted on the latest marketing updates relevant to your business, which ensures up to the minute techniques and the avoidance of stagnation
  • One point of contacts for all: although many experts will be involved at different stages of your marketing activities you will only deal with your Dedicated Marketer. They will be your internal point of contact and the designated person to discuss your business needs at any time.

6. Save time and money

Outsourcing allows you to have first-class marketing experts on hand whenever you need them. You won’t be paying for in-house marketing costs such as salaries and other HR related expenses. This means you save on permanent staff and additional operational costs. Your Outsourced Marketing Department also give you the extra flexible benefit of scaling your business activity up or down at short notice, whereas in-house teams have limited flexibility and ability to adapt to sudden and/or temporary changes in your business circumstances.

7. Fresh ideas from other industries

By hiring an Outsourced Marketing Agency you get all the benefits of first-class quality marketing combined with fresh creativity, new ideas and a different corporate perspective. A marketing agency has a wealth of experience in a diverse range of markets and in different sectors and are therefore in the best position to advise which approaches would work for your business.

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