Competitor Analysis

Need help with your Competitor Analysis?

A central element of the marketing planning process, the Competitor Analysis, provides you with an understanding of your competitive advantages, helps you to generate useful insight into competitors’ strategies and gives you a basis from which to develope your strategies to sustain and establish long-standing advantages over your competition.

The Competitor Analysis offers you a good understanding of your key competitors’ objectives, resources, capabilities, competitive stances, perceptions, marketing activities and plans.The Competitor Analysis also evaluates your competitive relationships and helps you analyse how organisations compete in your industry. Is your company in conflict or collusion with your competitors, competing with the same goals in mind or coexisting and cooperating with them?

Key elements of BBSA Competitor Analysis:

1. What is each of your key competitors’ marketing strategies?
2. How are your competitors performing?
3. What are their key strengths and weaknesses?
4. What should you expect from each of your competitors in the future?

BBSA Associates award-winning team of marketing experts can help your business to carry out an insightful competitor analysis that helps you to further understand and take advantages of the opportunities and challenges within your market. Find out more about how our online platform BBSA MasterProject PRO can help you completing your marketing projects and how to set up your own Outsourced Marketing Department.