Marketing Content

Need help with your Marketing Content?

Content marketing has boomed over the past few years. Its increased use in marketing is due to its ability to be extremely effective in increasing customer engagement and in awareness building and also to boost lead generation both in terms of quality and quantity. With nine out of 10 marketers using content marketing to grow their businesses, it has become virtually impossible not to include elements of this in your marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking to entirely outsource your content factory to BBSA or to just employ a couple of its tactics such as article posting, social media, blogs, eNews, case studies, irrespective, we can help. The case with content marketing is not just to write material but to create the kind of material that engages prospects and customers. BBSA Associates can offer you expert support with your strategy. Find out how our award-winning team can help to increase your brand awareness, customer acquisition, lead generation and customer retention and loyalty.

Key elements of the Content strategy:

  • Identify the Content strategy key objectives and the target audience
  • Create a strategy that engages with different audiences. Draft a calendar and also an Action Plan that describes the frequency of the posts and the timing
  • Write engaging content
  • Design landing pages to support the content
  • Upload, post and share the content, reap the results
  • Measure and track the Content’s results to learn about the audience’s preferences and gain a better understanding of best practice.