Direct Marketing

Need help with your Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is a technique rather than a marketing medium that uses a combination of online and/or offline techniques to ensure a measurable customer response and a commercial transaction.

Direct Marketing’s main goal is to generate sales leads or to make a sale in a highly targeted and low-cost way and it heavily relies on marketing lists and customer data. Direct marketing activities are very successful but the best results are obtained when a combination of them is put into place and your clientele is properly segmented and receives tailored messages.

Whether your mix of direct marketing activities includes e-mails, online display ads, sms marketing, targeted television commercials or outdoor advertising, at BBSA Associates we are here to advise you on the best solutions for your business in order to communicate effectively with each of your audience segments.

Key elements of BBSA Direct Marketing Strategy:

1. Segmentation of your audience and desired outcome by type
2. Identification of the right Direct Marketing activities for each audience in order to achieve the necessary goal
3. BBSA award-winning Marketing Experts will carry out the agreed Direct Marketing activities on your behalf so that you can maximise your impact and reach your targets.