Focus Groups

Need help with your Focus Group?

Focus groups are widely used in consumer research to gather information about an individual’s reactions, usage patterns and to broadly understand the reasoning behind these patterns or behaviours. Usually formed of a group of 10 participants, focus groups are carried out to study responses around a given product, area or topic. Typically 3 to 4 focus groups are run around a specific topic and are often used in conjunction with interviews.

Given the important role attributed to genuine reactions of the Focus Group participants, sessions are usually recorded and transcribed for later use. We also film participants and use two-way mirror rooms so that our clients can watch the Focus Group participant interact without being in the room and therefore not influencing the outcome.

Key elements of BBSA Focus Groups:

1. Understand behavioural patterns of your audience, their reactions to new products or services
2. Gather insight from your audience about your company and competitor positioning
3. Market Research for the launch of a new product or services or testing of a business idea that you are keen on investing in.

BBSA Associates award-winning Marketing Experts have long-standing experience in market research and as facilitators in Focus Groups. We can organise the different elements of your Focus Group from writing the questionnaire, to finding participants that match your targeted audience and facilitating the session to writing a comprehensive market report that will offer you useful insight and guide your strategic business decisions.