Marketing Campaigns

Need help with your Marketing Campaigns?

Great marketing campaigns are the foundation of gathering and converting leads into sales. They don’t just happen overnight, they require a sound understanding of your marketing mix, sales channels and audience’s preferences.

We use campaigns to take your brand, platform and the business you’ve worked so hard to build out into the world. This might sound scary, but we’ll prepare you to go to market with a sound ‘lead generation strategy’ and the metrics to back it up. With that in place, when we help you achieve exposure through expert placement, execution and delivery, the high level campaigns and creative concepts will stick with your customers.

Whether you are looking to promote a product or a service, campaigns can be designed with different goals in mind. It could be to build a brand image, introduce a new product or to increase sales of a product already on the market. Multiple goals can be combined into a single campaign. Whatever your goals we have the expertise to build the right campaign for you.

BBSA can help you to plan and perform successful marketing campaigns, whether they are e-mail campaigns, offline campaigns, social media campaigns, etc… or a combination of these.

Key elements of the Campaign Management:

  • Identify the campaigns key objectives and select the target market so that ad-hoc messages can be tailored for specific individuals
  • Create a compelling and relevant offering with a call to action to raise the interest of a wider and relevant audience
  • Design landing pages and ensure that the campaign is also promoted on the key sections of the website
  • Launch the campaign, reap the results
  • Measure and track the campaign’s results to learn from your own best practice.

BBSA Associates award-winning Marketing Experts can support you with your marketing campaigns both from a strategic and tactical perspective. Successful marketing campaigns are the core of lead generations and one of the most powerful tools used to increase sales and positively engage with your audience.