Marketing Plan

Need help with your Marketing Plan?

The Marketing Plan helps to establish, direct and coordinate all marketing programmes and activities. Preparing a Marketing Plan forces an assessment of the marketplace and how it affects the overall business and it also provides a benchmark for later measurement. A marketing plan is also a statement of how a company will achieve its business goals.

Your Marketing Plan is a very comprehensive document that will be drafted after this, using a combination of online and offline techniques, depending on the industry you are currently operating in.

Together with the Marketing Plan you will also receive a Marketing Action Plan, a 12-month road map containing the activities that will be executed in order to achieve your targets.

Key elements of the Marketing Plan:

  1. Introduction: vision, mission statement, objectives
  2. Market trends and dynamics, target market description, competitive analysis and analysis issues analytics, SWOT analysis
  3. Review of the current marketing strategies and objectives, product/services strategies, pricing strategies
  4. Marketing Strategy for your business
  5. Marketing Plan for your business.

BBSA Associates award-winning Marketing Experts can create a comprehensive and dynamic plan tailored to suit your business, audience and industry needs.