Marketing surveys

Need help with your Marketing Surveys?

Whether you run a B2B or a B2C business, large groups of people can be surveyed and statistics data can be gathered to help you understand views around different elements and activities of your company. Marketing surveys are frequently used in conjunction with qualitative research (such as Focus Groups) to provide hard statistical evidence to support important strategic business decisions.

BBSA Associates award-winning Marketing Experts have long-standing experience in market research. In order to ensure third-party confidentiality to respondents and unbiased responses we will write the questionnaire ourselves, circulate amongst your audience, analyse the results and gain useful insight from it.

Key objectives of BBSA Marketing Surveys:

1. Understand and determine attitudes or opinions of your targeted audience
2. Test new ideas, product development and general views on your offering
3. Support the launch of a new product or services, test a business idea that you are keen on investing in or review your current product mix.