In this section, you will find information on how BBSA payments works.

Payments Index:

  1. Clients Accounts
  2. Pay Your Bill
  3. Methods of Payment
  4. Dates and Deadlines
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1. Methods of Payment:

You can use BBSA ePay to pay electronically in US Dollars or GBP Pounds. BBSA ePay is the fastest, most secure and convenient way for clients to make payment 24/7. To complete a payment please use the unique link that we have sent you.

2. Online Banking Bill Pay:

Clients may use their online banking portal with any USA or UK bank to pay the bill. To make a payment you will need to set up BBSA as a Payee (in this case the Payee should be BBSA Associates Marketing, 207 Regent Street 3rd Floor, London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom).

3. Dates and Deadlines:

BBSA Billing occurs weekly. Bills are due within 7 days from the invoice date. Fees not paid by the due date are subject to a late payment fee of 1%.

3.1 Late Fees and Penalties:
If full payment is not received by the due date, a late payment penalty of 1% of the amount past due will be assessed. If the payment is more than 15 days past due, a financial hold will be placed on the account. Holds will block project deliverables and the work. For more information, see Delinquent Accounts below.

3.2 Delinquent Accounts
BBSA clients must pay the bills as per the contract signed. Unpaid amounts will result in the following:

  • Financial holds will be placed on the client account.

Additionally, the following may apply to severely delinquent accounts:

  • Collection agency placement and/or litigation may occur.
  • Any collection costs, attorney fees and court costs may be the client’s responsibility.

4. Installment Payment Plan:

The Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) offers the client the option to spread payments of bills over three monthly instalments. The first instalment is due at the moment of the sign-up, and the other ones are made on a monthly basis.

4.1 Eligibility and Terms:
The Instalment Payment Plans (IPP) is available to all clients. Instalment payments are scheduled on an individual basis after 30 days each. The standard payment due dates are unchanged for clients enrolled in the IPP.

4.2 Changing or Cancelling the Instalment Payment Plan:
Once enrolled in the IPP, if a client decides not to make the scheduled instalment payments, he/she can simply ignore the payment schedule and make a lump sum payment on the due date; cancellation of the plan is necessary as instalment payments are enforced.

4.3 Making Instalment Payments:
Instalment payments will be selected by the client at the moment of the sign-up. During the sign-up phase, the authorized payers will see two payment options — Payment in one solution Bill and Instalment Payment. To make a payment under the IPP, choose the Instalment Payment option and follow the prompts.

Typically, payers will make a payment upon sign up and paying the remain amounts as described every 30 days. However, payers can make as many Instalment Payments as desired until the payments are applied to the bill.

Installment Payment Plans are Accepted as Follows:


1st installment



4thinstallment until contract ends

Marketing Plan

Sign Up same day

Automated after 30 days via Paypal

Automated after 30 days via Paypal


My Outsourced Marketing Dept.

Sign Up same day

Automated after 30 days

Automated after 30 days


5. Contact Us:

For any further information, you can contact our customer services by email or phone.
BBSA I 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom