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Aldo Zilli crowns Antonio Calo’ as the winner of the European Country Inn Chef Contest

London, UK –  Sunday 27 September evening at AVEQIA London, after an exciting day of competition, Antonio Calo’ has been crowned with the prestigious European Country Inn Chef Award 2015. Antonio Calo’, an Italian who has been living in London for over one year, is the head chef of Italian Restaurant Li Veli, and has won the casting vote with his recipe of orecchiette prepared with the delicacies of the producers of the LAGs territories.

Antonio Calo’ was presented with the prestigious award from celebrity chef Aldo Zilli and Nancy Dall’Olio.

Aldo Zilli has thus commented the coronation of Antonio Calo’ ” interesting competition today with real emerging talents in the London elite. The chefs have really put their hearts and souls into the competition; they were not just cooking, they were replicating the recipes they learnt from their mothers and foremothers”.

The European Country Inn Chef Contest is the third event in a series of events aimed at the promotion of European and Italian rural food specialities and establishments.

Luigi Casoria, a representative of the project European Country Inn and a fellow member of the jury has thus commented on the news: ” this initiative was indeed a great success and a milestone of our campaign towards promoting the top delicacies from the producers of the LAGs territories. We have registered an increasing interest in the UK towards the real Italian dishes and not those customised to fit the international taste of the public.

The delicacies of the producers of the LAGs territories blend well with this trend.


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Note for the editors

EEIG ECN exists to promote tourism development in rural European areas as well as helping the public discover the social and cultural traditions of the rural food specialities and establishments.
The key values of the initiative is to promote:
– Food as Culture: to convey, enhance and promote the symbols and cultural patterns of the European rural areas
– Community creation: to create a sense of identity and pride of belonging in both the local citizens of the rural aggregate and the rural population around models of leisure
– Welcome visitors and consumers in a rural life setting, according to the local traditions
– Taste rural specialities: tours enabling visitors to discover the great products from these regions
– The local rural tourism.

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