Product Marketing

Need help with your Product Marketing?

Order of market entry is very important, since the forecasted market share relative to the pioneering brand tends to be usually greater than the follower brands. Whether or not you have the first mover advantage at BBSA Marketing we can help you establish a very strong position in your market.

At BBSA we can help you to deal with the various elements of your business strategy in order to be able to improve your product, identify its current position, versus its ideal position in your market, develop brand extension to better serve multiple segments or increase profits from your existing product mix, just to name a few challenges you may desire to address.

Key elements of the Product Marketing Strategy we will address:

1. Do you have the right product mix for your industry?
2. Product position map
3. Strategies to improve your production efficiency and to increase demand
4. Strategies to differentiate your products and to build on your unique selling propositions (UPS)
5. Brand extensions.

BBSA Associates award-winning Marketing Experts can work with you on your product mix strategy to improve production efficiency, increase demand and ultimately boost your sales and maximise your return on investment.