2021 Real Estate Survey

Invitation to a Research Study on Real Estate

Title of the study: Real Estate Study

BBSA is carrying out market research on the topic ‘real estate industry’. As part of the research, we are seeking to interview professionals working in the real estate industry to obtain their views on the real estate market trends.

Participation in this research study
The companies we are interested in interviewing have at least three employees and have been in business for a minimum of two years. All participants will be requested to spare 30 minutes from their valuable time to attend a one-to-one online interview on Zoom.
Participation in this market research is voluntary, and all participants have the right to withdraw from the research at any time.

As a thank you, once you have completed the interview, all participants will be rewarded with a $50 voucher, either redeemable as an Amazon Gift Card /Paypal voucher.

Data collected
Participants’ data will be anonymized and will contribute to the main research study. 

Thank you for reading this information – please ask any questions if you are unsure about what is written here. 

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