Need marketing help with your Sponsorship strategies?

Seen as a major component of marketing communications, image development and brand building, sponsorship packages are usually purchased to help a company gain favourable attention through positive association of the brand. Marketing sponsorship is prevalent in sports, charities, the arts, good causes and institutions but can be extended to a number of different sectors. Our team at BBSA has outstanding experience at both ends of the sponsorship process; whether you are seeking to purchase sponsorship or to sell your own packages, irrespective, we can help.

We can help you create packages that attract funding, generate leads and engage with potential clients seeking to purchase with sponsorship from you. If you are seeking to purchase sponsorship we can help you identifying the best opportunities that provide you with media coverage, that offer you the most exposure for your targeted audience. We can also negotiate the best package price and make sure the event or activities you are sponsoring is timed with an effective marketing campaign to help you reap the rewards of your sponsorship investment.

Key support for companies seeking to attract sponsors:

1. Market research to determine the needs of your audience, segmentation and prioritisation
2. Create sponsorship packages to target the different segments of your audience
3. Marketing of the sponsorship packages to generate revenue.

Key support for companies seeking to purchase sponsorship packages:

1. Identify and shortlist the opportunities that are a closer match to your company needs (media coverage, internal benefits such as improved employee morale, assistance in business relationships, etc..)
2. Negotiate the best price and package elements on your behalf
3. Carry out marketing activities pre, during and post the sponsorship event that help you to maximise your return on investment and engagement with your audience.