9 Labor Day Marketing Ideas For Small Business Sales

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BBSA 9 Labor Day Marketing Ideas For Small Business Sales_Blog post-01

BBSA 9 Labor Day Marketing Ideas For Small Business Sales_Blog post-01

9 Labor Day Marketing Ideas For Small Business Sales

Labor Day is traditionally a day to rest from business unless you own the company!
Despite many employees taking the day off, business promotions can’t rest, and with the holiday around the corner, you want to promote your business fast and effortlessly.

Labor Day is your last chance this year to dress head-to-toe in white while retailers dress up their businesses for one of North America’s most significant shopping dates. We have created a handy list of the top Labor day promotional ideas to help boost your small business sales.

1. Capitalize on the ‘Back-to-School’ Market

Although Labor Day didn’t make the list of America’s top 10 annual consumer spending events, ‘Back-to-School’ and ‘Back-to-College’ did, and they both rank under the top three. The National Retail Federation states a predicted average household expenditure of $1,800 per household between these two top consumer events, as most US students find themselves behind the school or college desks in early September, just after Labor Day. 

Labor Day is the perfect opportunity for businesses to maximize the spending spree of school and college preparation. Promotions for back-to-school are no longer delegated to just stationary, hoodies, and water bottles but now target an adult audience, too, with electronics, outfits, and digital accessories, raking in the big sales. 

2. Exclusive Labor Day Referral Program

Implement an exclusive Labor Day referral program that runs only through the short Labor Day weekend. The limited time will quickly get current customers excited about the incentives and encourage them to offer referrals, bringing in new customers while simultaneously connecting to existing customers.  

Nielsen’s study shows that 83% of consumers trust family and friend recommendations when choosing a product or service. How will it work? Choose the incentive to offer customers for each family or friend referral. Promote to your existing clients incentives such as discounts, free services, or other incentives to existing customers through low-cost email or print ad advertising. 

3. Offer a Labor Day Giveaway 

Everyone loves getting quality products for free in a giveaway, and Labor Day customers are no different. Studies show that contents and giveaways average a conversion rate of 34% and bring in 35% more customers than any other marketing promotion. A Labor Day giveaway is an ideal marketing activity because it can run before and after the Labor Day weekend, taking entries and maximizing business exposure. 

Using an Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook page to promote your contest is one of the best ways to get entries. Not only can brink-and-mortar retailers use this promotional strategy, but dentists can offer free check-ups, and accountants can offer free consultations as giveaways. The possibilities are endless.

4. Labor Day Special Sale or BOGO deals

Another sales booster is offering x% off. The key is offering ‘limited-time’ offers by advertising ‘limited-time special,’ ‘X for two days only,’ or ‘Only X pieces left,’ as an effective strategy to encourage sales. 

Distinguish your business from competitors having reduced-price campaigns by promoting BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deals. BOGO deals don’t have to cost a fortune; you can give combinations of buying one product to get the second product at half-price or buying two products to get the last one free, working the cost into the initial product prices. 

5. Entice With a Labor Day Freebie

Sweepstakes or contests have the disadvantage of benefiting only a few lucky clients, while offering a freebie alongside Labor Day weekend purchases can benefit many. Freebies promotions are perfect for creating a fun way to boost sales when a large contest’s resources are beyond your marketing budget. 

Freebie suggestions can include a free trial product with each purchase or a free shipping offer with any Labor Day weekend purchase. 

6. Labor Day Event Hosting

With most customers enjoying a well-earned rest, this is a great time to host a virtual or face-to-face promotional event that presents excellent opportunities to market your business before, during, and after the short weekend. Remind your audience about your event date with photos and videos a couple of days before the event. During the weekend, regular updates on the event can be uploaded to your website and social media. The week afterward, flashback photos can be posted showing how much fun the event was. Planning the activities of your event is key and should be fun and entertaining, such as an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of your business, Labor Day trivia, and more. 

Labor Day 2022 Consumer Trend Expectations –
15% of Americans are most likely to travel for Labor Day.*

7. Fall Celebrations

Looking at a marketing strategy from another point of view can open up new advertising avenues. Instead, celebrate the end of summer, focus on celebrating the beginning of fall, drawing in customers who can’t wait to get Fall deals. 

Labor Day 2022 Consumer Trend Expectations –
60% of Americans will grill or BBQ.* 

8. Run a Competition

Get your customers excited by offering a competition during the Labor Day weekend, from ‘like-and-share’ social media contests to product giveaways. Consider customer preferences and choose a worthy win, such as a complimentary SPA day for two, a driving experience on a racetrack, or a personalized gift box with quality brand products. Think outside the box with this promotion to cause more of a stir amongst customers. Launch the competition ahead of time and announce the winner just after Labor Day weekend.

9. Post-Holiday Stores Hours Updates on Social Media

The last promotional idea is often forgotten, yet it can yield powerful results. Posting a simple ‘Happy Labor Day’ on social media before the weekend, with similar sentiments throughout the weekend, will go a long way to growing the business’s social presence and customer business awareness. It’s a great way to connect to customers, sharing Labor Day celebrations virtually. Should business hours change throughout the weekend, ensure that customers are given enough notice through social media holiday marketing. Customers can do all their shopping in the new adjusted hours without missing out on any deals or promotions. 

Labor Day is just around the corner, but there is still enough time to implement some of our promotional ideas to boost your small business sales for the holiday weekend. 

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