Be the Change… Celebrate Earth Day with Five Inspiring Marketing Ideas

  • Anna Stella
  • April 22, 2022
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BBSA Earth Day

BBSA Earth Day

Be the Change… Celebrate Earth Day with Five Inspiring Marketing Ideas

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22, with nations from the four corners of the globe demonstrating their united support in favor of protecting the environment. Building on the rich legacy of the first Earth Day held on April 22, 1970; our modern-day commemoration has grown into an array of global events hosted by

Bolder and brighter, this year is bursting with opportunity, drawing more than 1 billion people from 193 countries and showcasing programs and products initiated by the very best of this generation’s creative and innovative minds. Exciting and exhilarating, 2022’s official theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet.’

Inspiring change means making a difference. The time is now, and brands must choose to be sustainability leaders and own an environmental position and commitment. Whether you are introducing your eco-friendly products and brand to the world or just taking a stand and making a difference, Earth day offers your business many marketing opportunities.

Improving and enhancing your environment doesn’t have to be challenging. If your marketing plan lacks your passion and zeal for creating a sustainable environment, then read on.
Effortlessly implement these five marketing ideas into your marketing strategy and make your mark on Earth Day.

Marketing Idea no. 1: Create Your Own Earth Event

Whether creating a big group event or a solo cleanup, you can host your company clean-up event anywhere. Don’t forget to promote it and register it here.

Marketing Idea no. 2: Get Inspired by the Giants of Eco-Friendly Change

Draw from the wealth of experience of companies that birthed and built their brand in the contributing fires of the climate change battle. Incorporate their best practices and grow your corporate environmental footprint.

Evidence is clear, we, as the world, will not meet our climate goals without substantial food production and consumption changes. Being significant in your contribution starts now… become an environmentally-minded business using sustainable production materials.

Marketing Idea no. 3: Showcase Your Business’ Recycling and Upcycling Achievements

Do you significantly impact your environment by recycling or upcycling the materials and ingredients used in your business? Do you convert what was once considered ‘waste’ into a material source, reusable to you or others?

Motivate your customers by offering them a chance to win a prize, purchase a discount or product offer, by inventing different ways of recycling your old product parts.

Marketing Idea no. 4: Collaborate with Eco-Influencers

On Earth Day, you don’t have to fly solo. Work with eco influencers and creators, inspiring your employees and clients to live greener lives, make an eco-difference and BE the change for future generations.

Marketing Idea no. 5: Clean Air

Promote clean air by inspiring your employees to cycle to work. Display bicycle racks in front of your business and offer their usage to your customers. Play a pivotal role in reducing emissions that pollute the air by allowing your employees to work from home and minimizing the usage of public or private transport.

Share the story of your efforts to protect the environment on Earth Day. Post photos on social media showing how your business utilizes best practices to promote clean air.


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