Is Your Business Ready to Grow?

  • BBSA
  • February 6, 2019
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BBSA Is your business Ready to grow?

BBSA Is your business Ready to grow?

Is Your Business is Ready to Grow? (But it Won’t Without a Marketing Strategy)


At BBSA, when we first meet a new client, we ask them two key questions:

  • Without customers, how can your business survive?
  • What plan do you have in place to attract and keep them?

These sound like simple questions. But many businesses, both large and small, work without that plan in place.

The plan, though, is the key to your success. In your marketing strategy and plan, you have the blueprint for how you’ll communicate your key benefits, identity and reach your target audience, and grow your business. A workable strategy and plan will provide a clear path to your goals — but developing one takes time and research.

Explore the Key Benefits of Your Marketing Plan

Try to beat your competitors without a plan. Here are some other key benefits of your plan:

  • Your marketing plan will become your single point of reference for success, helping everybody in the business work toward one goal.
  • Because your strategy is documented, you’ll avoid the decision paralysis and constant strategic changes that affect companies working without a plan.
  • Your marketing plan is also a key component of your pitch deck: every potential investor will ask to see it. Put simply: a marketing plan is a necessary part of every business plan.
  • Your marketing plan serves as a guide for the growth of your business and as a roadmap for making the right marketing decisions now and in the future.

As well as giving confidence to investors, staff and your own leadership team, your plan will direct you as your business develops. It’ll help you through periods of high growth and major success, and it will guide you through challenging times.

Taking that into account, a well-researched, well-written and well-executed marketing plan will be a cornerstone of your organization.

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Anna Stella BBSA marketing expert

BBSA – Anna Stella Marketing Expert CEO