Happy Small Business Month

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Small Business Month

Small Business Month


Happy Small Business Month!
May presents an ideal opportunity to show support and celebrate the invaluable contribution of small businesses to our economy and acknowledge the daily challenges they face. Although small businesses are key players in our economy, they face significant challenges, such as limited access to capital,  stiff market competition, and regulatory restrictions.  U.S. Small Business Administration shows that about 20% of small businesses will likely fail in the first year of establishment, and  50% will hardly survive by the fifth year.  Even with all these challenges, small businesses continue to thrive. This May, let us come together to support small businesses. We can recommend our favorite small businesses to friends and families. We can also advocate for policies that are pro-small business locally and nationally.  

Here are 4 FREE ways to support small businesses: 

  • Like, comment, and share their posts 
  • Refer to your friend and families
  • Show your appreciation by giving them a shout-out
  • Leave  a good and honest review online 

Thank you for supporting Small Businesses!


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