Reforesting One Tree @ One Client

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Reforesting one tree at one client

Reforesting one tree at one client

Join our Reforesting One Tree @ One Client Initiative

As the world celebrates Environment Day today, we are proud to join the fight for climate change with a new reforesting pledge. At BBSA, we have pledged to plant one new tree for every client we’ll onboard, personalized with their name. We have decided to put no cap on the number of trees we are willing to plant to indicate our commitment. Our reforestation goal is 10,000 trees by 2030.

Sustainability is no longer optional but a core business imperative. We recognize both the opportunity and responsibility to deliver marketing solutions that enable our clients to manage theirs – and the planet’s – limited resources productivity, contribute to an inclusive economy, and shape a sustainable future. As the lead of BBSA, I am motivated and inspired each day by the global impact we can make as a business. We are often asked why our eco-tradition incorporates trees, and the answer lies in every tree’s ability to absorb 1,5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime, and at 10,000 trees, that’s quite an environmental footprint.

As a marketing agency committed to turning our world green and leaving a better legacy, our Gold Standard and Credo provide a clear and compelling reminder to continue to be responsible citizens in the global community. We are called to protect the environment and ensure the accountable and sustainable use of natural resources.

BBSA began its formal sustainability program almost ten years ago, and we continue to strive toward being an industry leader in conserving the environment and its resources. A large part of our eco-commitment is to pave the way for other small businesses to follow, showing how they can be more environmentally responsible and address climate change in their communities.

You can learn more about our Reforestation One Tree @ One Client initiative and its impact on our outsourced marketing solutions here.


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