Webinar: How to Write a Marketing Strategy and Plan

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However good your idea, the reality of business is this: 75% of companies fail in the first three years, and 46% of them fail because they don’t have a marketing plan.

Though you likely have an idea of how to get your products out into the world, your marketing plan will help you define how to get your first client — and your second, your third, and more. A marketing plan is easily overlooked: but the evidence shows that, without one, you’re likely to fail.


In this webinar you will learn:
– The benefits of a Marketing Plan and how to take your startup in the right strategic direction
– Tips to create a persuasive Marketing Plan that you will need during funding rounds
– How to structure your Marketing Plan
– Best practice insights from top marketing experts.

Join us in November to learn how to write your own Marketing Strategy and Plan. Book your place here.

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