Green Certified

BBSA is now officially a green business. After a thorough process, the global outsourcing marketing company has earned the Green America certification.

“We are incredibly excited about this achievement,” said BBSA CEO,  Anna Stella. “Fighting climate change is something we can’t wrong, as the consequences of inaction would be devastating for the next generation. We cannot afford to wait for the world to reach net-zero; those of us that can move ahead and accelerate the process must continue to do so.” 

The certification comes just a few weeks after BBSA launched the “Reforesting One Tree At One Client” pledge as part of our eco-tradition. As we plant one new tree for every client we onboard, we mark their partnership with our BBSA eco-strategy; a tree that comes personalized with their names. We have no limit to the number of trees we are willing to plant and our goal is to plant 10,000 trees by 2030.

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