ICAEW– The marketing budget is often one of the first to be cut when an economic downturn hits. Anna Stella, CEO of BBSA Marketing, explains why such thinking is flawed. History has time and time again shown that recessions can offer incredible opportunities for business growth for brands that sustain their marketing activities and budgets. 

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Adapting to the new world of business

LAWNEWS — The pandemic has fast and steadily transformed the way law firms manage their reputations and attract new clients. Digital marketing adoption has been accelerated as clients now have at least six interactions on different marketing channels before selecting a law firm. In practice, this could mean that your clients might research your company online, read your reviews, and check your social media and website before making a commitment to contact your law firm. Marketing to everyone, in the same way, doesn’t work anymore, and this transformation in the customer journey significantly impacts how law firms go about marketing, highlighting a strong need for web traffic and digital marketing.

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Post-Pandemic marketing trends

THE ACCOUNTANT ONLINE — Marketing is ever evolving, and the pace has only accelerated in the post-corona era. Anna Stella, CEO at global marketing outsourcing agency BBSA, shares her top five trends for busy accounting firms that are dedicated to growth and determined to thrive in a new landscape.

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