The Best Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses seem to continue to be struggling with marketing, as it is not seen as a luxury item, but more as an essential to their business. They wonder what works and what doesn’t. Here are do’s and don’t according to Infusion Soft’s 2015 report:

  1. Word of mouth remains to be king of marketing and the most effective strategy
  2. E-marketing follows the lead of word of mouth with a 34% success rate
  3. Social media (23%), and networking (25%)
  4. Search engine marketing (14%), and last but not least content marketing (13%).
  5. Television and radio advertising are the least effective with only 2% of small businesses ranking them in the top 3.

Being Right Is Not Enough

If you run a business knowing what is right is not enough – you need to know where the challenges lie ahead.  According to the report here are some the most challenging techniques and where you probably need to focus on:

  • Generating quality leads – the 37% of small companies struggle with that and hire marketing agencies and consultancies to help them with
  • 31% struggle in converting leads into customers
  • Marketing expenses: marketing is essential but does not come cheap. The 30% of small companies struggle in accessing the funds required running marketing campaigns.

King of Struggle

55% stated that, aside from not knowing exactly what do in marketing, they also don’t have the time to get everything done; which explain the popularity of outsourced marketing department and packages.

The report was based on data of a survey from 408 small businesses from Infusion Soft customers. 50% were B2C focused, and 28% were B2B. The remaining 22% were of a mixed structure.


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