BBSA and Malibu Runners Club Sign Long-Term Strategic Deal


BBSA and Malibu Runners Club Sign  Long-Term Strategic Deal

BBSA and running club Malibu Runners Club have signed a long-term partnership, which will see BBSA support Malibu Runners non-profit activities.

Starting in April 2019, BBSA will be the official partner of Malibu Runners Club, supplying all representative teams including men’s, women’s runners.

This BBSA and Malibu Club Runners partnership is shaped by shared values of continuous improvement and diversity, and a genuine love for beautiful running. These values will drive the partnership to pioneer new ways to push forward the clubs’ communities, and runners.

“We are very excited to partner with Malibu Runners Club, and this announcement marks the start of an exciting new chapter for BBSA” said Anna Stella, BBSA CEO. “We want to maximize the club members running performance as well as the running culture” continues Anna Stella.

The partnership will run for three years, starting 01 April 2019.

The Best Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses seem to continue to be struggling with marketing, as it is not seen as a luxury item, but more as an essential to their business. They wonder what works and what doesn’t. Here are do’s and don’t according to Infusion Soft’s 2015 report:

  1. Word of mouth remains to be king of marketing and the most effective strategy
  2. E-marketing follows the lead of word of mouth with a 34% success rate
  3. Social media (23%), and networking (25%)
  4. Search engine marketing (14%), and last but not least content marketing (13%).
  5. Television and radio advertising are the least effective with only 2% of small businesses ranking them in the top 3.

Being Right Is Not Enough

If you run a business knowing what is right is not enough – you need to know where the challenges lie ahead.  According to the report here are some the most challenging techniques and where you probably need to focus on:

  • Generating quality leads – the 37% of small companies struggle with that and hire marketing agencies and consultancies to help them with
  • 31% struggle in converting leads into customers
  • Marketing expenses: marketing is essential but does not come cheap. The 30% of small companies struggle in accessing the funds required running marketing campaigns.

King of Struggle

55% stated that, aside from not knowing exactly what do in marketing, they also don’t have the time to get everything done; which explain the popularity of outsourced marketing department and packages.

The report was based on data of a survey from 408 small businesses from Infusion Soft customers. 50% were B2C focused, and 28% were B2B. The remaining 22% were of a mixed structure.


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