BBSA and Malibu Runners Club Sign Long-Term Strategic Deal


BBSA and Malibu Runners Club Sign  Long-Term Strategic Deal

BBSA and running club Malibu Runners Club have signed a long-term partnership, which will see BBSA support Malibu Runners non-profit activities.

Starting in April 2019, BBSA will be the official partner of Malibu Runners Club, supplying all representative teams including men’s, women’s runners.

This BBSA and Malibu Club Runners partnership is shaped by shared values of continuous improvement and diversity, and a genuine love for beautiful running. These values will drive the partnership to pioneer new ways to push forward the clubs’ communities, and runners.

“We are very excited to partner with Malibu Runners Club, and this announcement marks the start of an exciting new chapter for BBSA” said Anna Stella, BBSA CEO. “We want to maximize the club members running performance as well as the running culture” continues Anna Stella.

The partnership will run for three years, starting 01 April 2019.